the Slovenian Riviera

You are hereby invited on an unforgettable adventure! We would like to take you on a ride along the Slovenian sea onboard a real pirate ship.

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Departure schedule

April - October:
departure from Portorož at 10:00, return at 14h

* the boat does not operate from November to April

Visiting the Slovenian Riviera always makes for a wonderful experience. The sea holds a special charm even when the bora decides to blow! The 46-kilometres- long area boasts serried precious gems that form part of ancient towns and cities whose telling beauty never fails to leave their mark in the traveller's heart. Have you ever thought of seeing it all from another perspective, to see the land from the sea?


EUR 25

per person*

Children? Children aged under 3: free of charge; children aged under 12: 30% discount

How do I book my trip?

Even though bookings are not obligatory, they are highly recommended. Book your trip by completing the form or by calling us on +386 41 623 191. Bellatours offers a free shuttle to the boat for 4 people within a radius of 8 km.

How long is the trip?

The duration of your trip is 4 hours (incl. a stopover in Izola or Piran). Our guests get onboard our ship in Portorož and Bernardin. Your trip includes a 2-hour stopover in Izola or Piran, during which you can visit the city.

Trips upon prior arrangement?

Tailored trips are also available. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail, the contact form on our website or by calling Bato the Captain on +386 41 623 191

What can you expect onboard our ship?

A panoramic trip with a vista of the most beautiful parts of the Slovenian Riviera, a trip to Izola or Piran, an onboard experience accompanied by a cold drink and pleasant company, not to mention an unforgettable adventure for about it for the rest of the summer!



We invite you to an unforgettable adventure! We would like to take you along the Slovenian sea with the pirate ship Svetka. We would like to delight you and your loved ones with panoramic rides and a view of the most beautiful part of the Slovenian coast. Your children or grandchildren will especially enjoy it, because the more than 150-year-old pirate ship Svetko will certainly awaken their imagination, and maybe even take you into this fairy-tale world. Indulge yourself, take your time and awaken your spirit of adventure, escape from the established daily rhythm, treat yourself to a trip during your vacation and join us on one of the short trips that we offer you every day on the pirate ship Svetko. You won’t regret it!

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