About the ship

The lifestory of today’s Svetko Pirate Ship dates back as far as the year 1864, when it was built in Rovinj, initially serving as a cargo ship that, at the beginning, flew the Italian, and, subsequently, the Yugoslav flag. A hundred years to the day of its construction, in 1964, it was refurbished in Pula. Its current captain took over its rudder in 1983, changing its intended use by turning it into a passenger ship. In 1991, it started to fly the Slovenian flag.

In 2001, it was refurbished to its current pirate-ship-style appearance. The ship is composed of two decks, the upper sunny and the lower shaded one. At the time of refurbishment it was furnished with brand new wooden support, a bridge on the upper deck, its distinct pirate-style bow and slightly raised bowsprit, secured by a safety net. The shipside includes in-built tables and wooden benches that make sure that our passengers are comfortable throughout their stay onboard our ship and are provided with ideal vistas.

Technical specifications of the Svetko ship

  • Motor passenger ship
  • Wooden construction
  • Engine: Famos 200 ks diesel
  • Total length: 21 m, width: 5.20 m, draught: 2 m
  • Two decks: upper and lower, total area: 75 square meters
  • Capacity: 73 passengers
  • Crew: captain and sailor
  • Speed: 8 nm
  • Area of operation: Slovenian sea
  • Home port: Piran
  • Registration number of the ship: PI – 201

The ship includes tables and benches, a kitchen island, bar and passenger toilet with running water. The ship is open on the side, which is especially favourable in the summer heat, when you are pleasantly cooled by the summer Maestro wind. The journey is pleasant in adverse weather conditions as well, as the ship is equipped with side tarpaulins, through which you have a wonderful view of the surroundings, while being protected against the wind and rain.